Our key objectives:

  • To promote and maintain community spirit and cooperative assistance among the residents of Shaughnessy; 
  • To preserve and protect Shaughnessy's historical single-family character; 
  • To protect the quality of life in Shaughnessy; 
  • To provide Shaughnessy residents with information and help about issues which may affect them. 
Happening in our Neighbourhood

Arbutus Greenway Update - Notes from the Kerrisdale workshop Sept 22nd 1016

The City held three workshops on the Arbutus Greenway. One of our directors took some notes and pictures at the Kerrisdale workshop. Click here to read the report...

SHPOA Position Paper on Heritage Conservation Area

A draft paper outlining the SHPOA Board's position on the HCA was circulated to members for comment. There were 24 email responses - 17 in support, 6 against and 1 neutral. Read the Position Paper... 

First Shaughnessy Heritage Conservation Area: IMPORTANT NEIGHBOURHOOD BYLAW CHANGES

The new Bylaws will replace the current ODP and will apply to all properties within First Shaughnessy. Click here to read the Policy Report.